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In a survey with numerous travel agents, TravelMarket asked them why it is a good idea to use a travel agent (TA) to get the most for your money.  Here is what they said:

1.   Storms and natural disasters are making travel more difficult.  TA's have access for updates so you won't have to use your valuable time sitting on hold with the hotels, cruiselines and airlines.

2.   They save you so much time and stress.  Planning a vacation is stressful.  There is so much data online and so many prices listed it is easy to get confused.  A TA can find you the hidden gems in places they specialize in.

3.   They often save you money and/or deliver more value.  A TA can get you better prices than trying to do this on your own.  An experienced TA has insider access and knows where to look, and the right person to contact, to get you the best price and possibly get you extras.

4.   They can advise travelers where to go and where not to.  Travel Advisories are sent to TA's on a regular basis.  They can help you decide if a destination is safe or one to avoid.

Like any professional, travel agents know more than anyone about passports, best view rooms, cruises, rental cars, private guides and ship excursions; things the average traveler will have questions about.   

Why You Should Use a Travel Agent For Your Vacation